A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

  • Why You Should Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

    Storage units have popped up all over the place in recent years. And now, for whatever reason, you need one.  Before you go and rent just any storage unit, take into consideration the items that you will be storing. For most items, you will need a climate-controlled storage unit.  Climate-controlled storage units keep the unit's indoor temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. A consistent humidity level (usually 55%) is also maintained.

  • 3 Reasons To Take Advantage Of A Moving Service

    Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful and irritating experiences due to all of the work involved. However, a moving service can help you throughout the process by decreasing the chances of you becoming injured, reducing the risk of lost or broken items, and providing you with storage options. Decreases The Chances Of You Becoming Injured One of the biggest reasons to take advantage of a moving service is because it is extremely easy to injure yourself when you are trying to move multiple large boxes, or simply while trying to move a large piece of furniture.

  • Securing Your Storage Unit - How To Pick The Right Padlock

    If you have many belongings in your house that you want to move out of your wet basement or drafty attic, then you may want to start thinking about a storage unit (such as those provided by Ventu Storage Center). One of these spaces that is advertised as secure with security guards, fences, keypad access, and cameras is a good idea. Even though the space is likely secure, you will want to make sure that your individual unit is protected against thefts.

  • Learn How To Make Your Next Move As Eco-Friendly As Possible

    If you are someone who is environmentally conscious and needs to move in the near future, knowing how to make the move as eco-friendly as possible may be difficult for you. Fortunately, there are now eco-friendly moving companies on the market who have the same concerns you do when it comes to leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Use the tips provided below to learn how to have the most eco-friendly move possible.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Moving Company

    Regardless of whether you are moving across the country for a job offer or you are moving to be closer to family, moving in and of itself is a major chore. It takes a lot of time, planning and preparation to get you to your new destination safely and securely. While some people prefer to handle everything on their own, others are turning to professional moving companies to get it done.

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    A Place for Your Summer Things

    Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. The crisp, cool air outside during fall is refreshing. I also adore the beautiful, colorful leaves on the trees in the fall months. Some of my favorite foods such as apples, pumpkins, and pears are available to purchase at roadside, produce stands, and grocery stores during this time of the year. However, as fall arrives, I always have a predicament. I need to find a place to store all of my family’s summer related belongings. Do you struggle to find places in your home to store summer items such as bathing suits, shorts, sandals, and swimming pool accessories during the fall and winter months? On this blog, you will discover the benefits of renting a storage facility during the cold weather months. Enjoy!