A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

Four Tips For Maximizing Space In A Storage Unit

by Stephen Patterson

If you need to put your things in storage (at an outlet such as Grand Central Storage) and want to get the most out of this, there are a few things that you can do to maximize your storage unit space. A little preparation and creativity can help utilize your storage space in a facility more effectively. Here are four tips that will help you pack in as many items as possible into your storage unit. 

1. Get Creative With Furnishings

It might be hard to imagine your furnishings on end, but thinking vertically might be the best way to utilize your space. Getting loveseats on their ends can make sure the space higher up in your unit is used as well. If you have tables with legs that won't detach, turn these upside down so it is easier to stack items in between the legs. It is a good idea to move in large furnishings first, and then pack other items and boxes around these. 

2. Invest in Stackable Boxes or Bins

Packing up your storage unit is not the time to frantically find mismatched boxes for your items. Invest in sturdy boxes or stackable bins that are all the same size and can easily be stacked in your unit. This will organize your space better and ensure that there aren't gaps and spaces in between boxes that are a waste of your precious storage space.

3. Keep A Step Ladder Handy

If you can reach the top corners of your unit, then it is fair game to stack your storage unit to the very top. A designated step ladder that you keep in your unit can make these areas easier and safer to access at all times. If you are only working with the space that you can reach while standing in your unit, far corners and the areas near the ceiling will be underutilized. 

4. Secret Storage Spaces

Don't forget to use every space that you can in your storage unit. You might be focusing on packing up boxes and bins to the brim, but there might be other items in your storage unit that can accommodate items as well. This includes drawers, trash cans, and suitcases. Items should be placed with other similar items and labeled so that you won't have to remember in the future where everything was stored.

If you are paying for storage, you might as well maximize this space in any way you can. Be strategic when it comes to packing, and try your best to get creative with space savers. This will lead to more efficient, organized packing which will help with locating items and unpacking in the future. 


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A Place for Your Summer Things

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