A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

Safe And Fine-Tuned Storage For Piano Owners

by Stephen Patterson

Moving to a new home or a new venue may mean that the piano needs to go into storage for a while. Even though the piano may not be used for a certain period of time, you'll need a proper plan for maintenance and reintroduction that doesn't involve a day of scratching heads and aching backs. Before pushing the piano into an equipment room or unused bedroom, consider a few ways that piano movers could help.

Easy Access During Storage

When putting pianos into storage, it makes sense to have a careful, strong team for the move. Damage is more than an obvious threat, but you need to think about getting the piano out later.

The easiest way to move a piano is often the safest, and movers may carefully push or lift a piano into a storage room or other vacant room in the easiest way possible. If you need to get the piano back out, the easiest way has just been placed inside the storage room and may not be easy to access.

Professional piano movers have best practices for proper loading and may have equipment to make the job much easier. More planning can be made with piano lifting equipment, and a set of bottom-loaded dollies can make the move much quicker across a large area. 

It's also important to pick out the best storage site, which may not be easy if you're not trained in how to load or lift a piano. Piano movers can give tuning professionals the best chance at getting into a storage area and performing inspections without actually moving the piano. It can be like a puzzle sometimes, but a skilled mover can get the positioning right the first time with enough planning.

Consider Climate Conditioning

If the storage area isn't optimal, you may need to add a few controls to keep the piano from wearing, warping or rotting while in storage. Especially in coastal or swampy areas, humidity can be your biggest enemy.

Dehumidifiers are a clear first choice for managing the air quality, but you'll need to measure the storage room first. A dehumidifier has an effective area for removing humidity, which is usually located on the dehumidifier or in the manual. 

If the area is too big for the dehumidifier, the humidity may constantly be at a lower, but still problematic level. Piano movers can help you select the proper device, along with suggesting temperature levels and air filters that could help. Contact a piano storage professional to figure out the best way to put your piano into an extended reprieve. Go to website for more information.


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A Place for Your Summer Things

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