A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

Why You Should Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

by Stephen Patterson

Storage units have popped up all over the place in recent years. And now, for whatever reason, you need one. 

Before you go and rent just any storage unit, take into consideration the items that you will be storing. For most items, you will need a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Climate-controlled storage units keep the unit's indoor temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. A consistent humidity level (usually 55%) is also maintained.

Some materials don't do so well when exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. If you are storing these items, be sure to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.


Too much moisture can warp, rot, or crack wood. Wood expands and contracts as the temperature fluctuates. Storing wood furniture for an extended amount of time could be an issue if you live in a region where the climate varies throughout the year. Your grandmother's antique dining room table might not be the same after spending a summer in a storage unit while you move into a new house.

But furniture isn't the only thing that is made of wood—musical instruments made from wood are also going to be affected if they are in a regular storage unit without climate control. Pianos, guitars, violins, clarinets, etc., are all instruments that can be made with wood. Pianos are specifically sensitive to swings in climate and humidity—the wooden exterior as well as the keys and strings can be easily ruined.  


You might not want to store important documents in a storage unit for safety reasons, but another reason is that it is hard enough to get paper to stand the test of time, let alone when it is exposed to varying temperatures and humidity day after day. If not in a climate-controlled unit, paper can discolor and fade.

There are few things as precious to someone as their memories, and those memories are usually captured in photographs. You have probably seen it in your own house or attic, where the temperature and humidity probably doesn't vary as much as in a storage unit. You go to get out your old photographs and they are discolored and sticking to each other, ruining the fronts of some photos. If you need to store photos in a storage unit, go for one with climate control.

Paper and wood are just a few of the items that need special consideration when placed inside a storage unit. Metal can rust; clothing can mildew; electronics can short circuit. Be sure to do your research so that your personal belongings aren't ruined when you go to get them out of storage. Speak with a representative from an establishment like Stevens Creek Storage to get started.


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A Place for Your Summer Things

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