A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

The Simple Rules Of Storing A Car In A Storage Unit

by Stephen Patterson

Whether it is a classic car that you want to keep safe or an extra vehicle you have hanging around that barely gets used, storing the vehicle in a storage unit is a good option to keep your automobile protected. Many storage customers have no idea that self-storage units can actually be used for storing vehicles, but this is a real possibility. However, there are a few rules when it comes to storing a vehicle at a storage facility and it is important to know these rules before you make the trip to stick your car in storage.

1. Always ask before trying to store a vehicle. - Not all self storage facilities allow vehicles to be stored on their property and some only allow vehicle storage in specific units. To avoid any fees for breaking the rules, make sure you ask if it is okay to store a vehicle in a unit before you just park your car inside a rented unit. Additionally, some storage facilities have outdoor carports or parking areas where a vehicle can be stored temporarily.

2. Your vehicle must be running or otherwise kept on a trailer. - Because the storage facility management will need a way to remove your vehicular property if anything happens and you break the rental contract, they will almost always require that only running vehicles be placed in storage or vehicles that are hauled and stored on a trailer. Therefore, if your vehicle has to be towed to the storage facility, it will likely not be allowed in a storage unit for keeping.

3. You will have to show proof of vehicle registration. - Before you are allowed to store a vehicle on the premises of a storage facility, it is highly likely that you will have to show proof of registration or ownership. This is normal protocol to ensure that no stolen vehicles or vehicles with lien holders are hidden on the property of the storage facility.

4. Measure your vehicle before choosing a storage unit. - Before you pick out a storage unit that you intend to use for vehicular storage, make sure that you know the exact measurements of your vehicle. You will need to know that the unit you choose will have ample space for the length of your car or truck and enough width to allow access to the vehicle once it is placed in storage.


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