A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

The Best Ways To Lower The Cost Of Packaging Materials

by Stephen Patterson

When looking for ways to lower expenses to improve your bottom line, one area to look at is the packaging you use to ship products. The materials you use to ship your products  in may be more expensive than necessary, or there might be a smarter way that you can ship the product. 

Ship in Bulk

Bulk packaging is an effective way to ship products to your consumer. If you can encourage your customers to purchase products in larger quantities, you will not need to use as much packaging and you will also save on shipping costs.

Minimize Your Use of Paper

Use as little paper as possible. If you can send receipts electronically instead of placing the paper receipt inside the package, you will save money on paper. Also, there will be less wear and tear on your printer.

Reduce the Size of Your Packages

Make packages as small as possible. Do not use boxes that are larger than what is necessary. Choose the lightest packaging materials possible because this can lower the cost of shipping by lowering your product's weight. Use packaging containers that are already padded so you do not have to add additional packaging. 

Use Cheaper Packaging Materials

Look for packages that incorporate less expensive materials. For example, rather than use packaging made out of cardboard, choose packaging made using cheaper plastics or foil. Shrink-wrap polythene is a cost-effective option.

Look for Shippers with Free Packaging

Find shipping suppliers who provide free packaging materials. Learn the usage rules for these packages and make sure that you follow them. Flat-rate boxes make your life easier because you only pay a single fee per box. Then, if your product fits inside, it'll ship.

Reuse Packaging Materials

Rather than throwing it away, reuse bubble wrap and other packaging materials. Make sure that the materials are clean before you reuse them. In addition to recycling packaging material, you can also recycle newspaper and paperwork as long as the paper does not contain personal information. You can reuse peanuts, air pillows and wrap paper.

Do not try to save money by reusing boxes. Boxes that are reused are much less durable than new boxes. It'll be more likely that your box tears apart and the merchandise becomes damaged. This will force you to replace damaged merchandise or issue a refund. 

Factor the Cost of Shipping Into the Product

If you are still concerned with how much your packaging materials will cost, price your products with the packaging costs included. Estimate how packaging will cost for each product. Then, add this price to the cost of the product.

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