A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

Securing Your Storage Unit - How To Pick The Right Padlock

by Stephen Patterson

If you have many belongings in your house that you want to move out of your wet basement or drafty attic, then you may want to start thinking about a storage unit (such as those provided by Ventu Storage Center). One of these spaces that is advertised as secure with security guards, fences, keypad access, and cameras is a good idea. Even though the space is likely secure, you will want to make sure that your individual unit is protected against thefts. Keep reading to find out about some locks that can secure your space properly. 

Choose the Right PadLock

Most self-storage businesses will ask renters to place their own locks on unit doors. This way, only you will have access to combinations and keys. However, if you purchase the wrong lock, then it can be easily broken. This is true of locks that have long u-shaped closure. This part of the lock is called a shackle and it can easily be cut by a bolt cutter, even though the padlock is likely made out of steel. This is especially true since the long arms of the cutter allow the user to exert 4,500 pounds of force against the shackle.

The only way to keep the shackle on your lock from being cut apart is to invest in one where this part of the lock cannot be reached by a cutting tool. There are three types of padlocks with secure shackles, and these include circular or discus locks, straight shackle locks, and closed shackle varieties. However, keep in mind that discus and closed shackle varieties are wider than normal padlocks so they may not fit on the storage unit door, but a straight shackle padlock will. In fact, these locks are made to secure roller doors like the ones that close off storage units.

Keyless Locks 

Unfortunately, padlocks can still be picked by a pro if they are interested in the items contained within your storage space. You can keep lock pickers at bay by investing in a secure padlock variety with a simple number pad on the front. This pad will come with a combination or directions on how you can set the code yourself. The padlock will open when the combination is keyed in. Some locks also feature small manual combination cylinders on the bottom.

If you have a smartphone and love technology, then you can also purchase a bluetooth enabled keyless padlock device that allows your phone to act as the key. However, these types of padlocks have only recently been released on the market, and you may be unable to find a technologically advanced lock with the secure or enclosed type of shackle that you need. 


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