A Place for Your Summer Things

A Place for Your Summer Things

Preparing Your Push Lawnmower For A Trip In A Moving Truck

by Stephen Patterson

If you plan to move to a new home, you will need to make preparations in the way you package and protect your belongings so they do not become damaged in transit. If you have a push-style lawnmower to bring along, special steps should be taken to ensure it is safe and not a hazard to other items while in a moving truck. Here are some tips you can use when preparing your lawnmower to be moved. 

Drain All Liquids And Dispose Of Them Properly

Before placing a lawnmower in a moving truck, all liquids should be drained from the unit. Since gasoline and oil are considered hazardous materials, they will not be allowed on the truck. Siphon any remaining gas from the lawnmower and place it in your vehicle instead. Drain the engine oil and dispose of it in an area that accepts hazardous liquid waste. You can always call the Environmental Protection Agency for more information on how to dispose of these liquids properly, if desired.

Clean Down The Unit And Remove All Attachments

To keep your other belongings protected from debris, your lawnmower should be cleaned down in its entirety before it is placed on a moving truck. Take the time to wipe down the body of your lawnmower, as well as the undercarriage, with a mild detergent mixed with water. Afterward, rinse the lawnmower to remove the soap and loose pieces of debris. Allow the unit to dry thoroughly.

Remove the blade from the unit so it is not a hazard to people or your belongings. Wrap this in a piece of bubble wrap and then wrap in a thick towel. Tape the towel around the blade to secure the protection in place. Pack this piece along with any other attachments in a cardboard box.

Prepare The Main Body Of The Lawnmower For The Ride

The main portion of the lawnmower will fare rather well inside of the moving truck as it is constructed of a sturdy metal. Collapse the handle so it is not taking up a lot of room inside of the moving truck, giving you ample space for additional belongings. When you place the lawnmower inside the truck, make sure it is positioned so it is not parallel with the wheels of the moving truck itself. This will help keep your lawnmower from rolling back and forth while in transit. If you are worried about rolling, you can remove the wheels or wrap a hand towel around each one after you wheel the lawnmower into the truck. Contact moving companies in your area for more help.


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